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Should You Be Buying Growing Supplies From The US?

Posted by Codisto Collaborator on

When browsing on the internet for growing equipment, you might have noticed that prices for some products appear lower in US dollars compared to Euros. If you are a  European citizen, this sounds like good news: Your currency is stronger, meaning that, -theoretically- you could save a significant amount if you shop overseas. After all, who minds a few extra days of waiting time when you are about to save hundreds of Euros?

The truth is that the US market tends to be cheaper than Europe in many ways. That does not only apply to LED panels and growing products, but extends to all kinds of consumer electronics. For example, the iPhone X costs approximately €300 less in the US than it does in Great Britain, even prompting some buyers to fly over and buy it from there.

However, when it comes to fragile growing equipment, things get complicated. In this article, we will see some of the reasons why buying growing supplies from the US is not good idea and what you can do to save money instead.

Reason No.1: The price is not the same for the EU

It is no secret that generally speaking, the US is cheaper than the EU, especially when it comes to consumer electronics. The reasons for that are many and complicated, having to do with the weaker currency, better distribution networks, less taxes and a more unified market.

Buying from the US as an EU citizen is a different story though. Delivery companies charge by a combination of distance X weight. Therefore, the transport of bulky equipment such as LED panels overseas, can incur significant costs. If that wasn’t enough, you should pay state taxes and an import fee that brings the total price tag up by 50%. So, you end up paying the same (or more) for a product that will arrive much later.

Reason No.2: Customer service overseas

Growing equipment is always a risk. Not only because they can be hard to set up initially, but also because there is always a chance that a product might be defective. Many US retailers may offer to replace the damaged unit, but that means that you have to send it back overseas, paying delivery costs all over again. Even if you are backed by a guarantee, you have already spent much more than you imagined.

Reason No.3: Looong delivery times

Perhaps that’s the least of your concerns, but longer delivery times are not only frustrating, but potentially more dangerous as well. A package arriving from the US will likely make many stops throughout many states, increasing the likelihood for damage. And we’ve seen above why you don’t want a damaged parcel arriving at your doorstep from overseas: Replacing is going to be a pain.


By shopping with us, you are not simply getting unbeatable prices within the EU. You enjoy thorough customer service and you can feel safe no matter what happens.

Browse our catalogue and shop with confidence, as we offer free shipping for orders of €250 or higher, as well as a 90-day return guarantee.

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