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Alien Hydroponics Systems Collection

Alien Hydroponic Systems are a hydroponic system manufacturer from West Sussex. They are quickly becoming one of the hottest companies in the hydro industry and growers everywhere are turning to their products throughout Europe and the UK. They have invested in comprehensive development and research, allowing them to introduce the next generation of hydroponic systems, a range of products that utilize the newest technology and innovative design. Their line of systems, which have been called “unbelievable” and “thoroughly recommended,” have been tested and are CE approved.

Alien Hydroponics offers a remarkable inventory of easy to set up, easy to use flood and drain systems, including RDWC (Re-circulating Deep Water Culture) and DWC (Deep Water Culture) Systems. The constant circulation of hyper-oxygenated nutrients, an unlimited supply, will help you grow plants larger, so you can maximize your space with fewer plants. The pots come in various sizes with an inline pump that draws the solution and keeps your roots submerged in healthy soil. Now with an all-new heavy-duty design!