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DIY Cob LED Grow Strip

The DIY Cob LED Shine Grow Strip is one of the strongest LED grow strips in the market. Made in the USA with up to 180lm/W, their efficiency makes them suitable for a wide range of growing applications. For a long time, COBs were not utilized for cultivation, but lately it has become a popular method.


In fact, this technology is so new that only a few manufacturer employ it in their products. The advantages of the strip include the very low price and the perfect light distribution.


It can offer better and more efficient energy use, and in addition, provide you with a wider spectrum. Of course, you want to match your system with the proper driver, and the lamps use Samsung tapes. Cob LED Strips can offer variant color temperatures, forward voltage and current, and efficacy. Both novice growers and the most experienced cultivation expert can find benefits in using a DIY Cob LED Shine Grow Strip. Producing less heat and with a longer life span, you can see why LED is an attractive choice.


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