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Easyfeed Hydroponics®

Developed by Alien Hydroponics, the Easy Feed System has much to offer the grower and his crops. Easy Feed walks that tight balance between simplicity of design and flexibility while utilizing more complex features like the built-in timer, which lets you program the feeding schedule and duration to your satisfaction. Easy Feed has been specifically designed to meet and even exceed the needs of all, from hobbyists to commercial scale growers.

The Easy Feed is also eco-friendly by eliminating the need for electric water pumps, relying instead on nature – the power of gravity. No plug sockets necessary either. Its root pruning technology draws the roots downward and produces faster growth, while simultaneously reducing the hassle of a large number of plants. It’s breathable fabric pots produce no nutrient waste. It has longer pipework, can be used in soil, coco, clay pebbles or mixes and you can choose from a selection of variant pot sizes.

Easy to set up, easy to use, and easy to maintain, and at the same time providing you flexibility in size and timing, the Easy Feed Hydroponic System is truly a revolutionary new irrigation system!