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Led Grow Lights Easy Replace HPS

Choose from a range of LED panels to replace your obsolete HPS lamp.

Why is LED Grow Lights better HPS?

Led Grow Lights Saving Energy !

For all breeders using the HPS breeding method, we have created a comparison of HPS and Led technology. Modern LED Grow Panels achieve up to 50% energy savings, 10x longer life and a much better spectrum, another big advantage is the temperature drop in your breeding box.

Better Led Grow Lights Spectrum vs. HPS

Led grow lighting has a much better spectrum than HPS lamps. The LED Grow Lights Spectrum covers the entire phase of photosynthesis of the plants as opposed to HPS. Modern COBs Grow lights have a spectrum very similar to that of the sun.

Led Grow Lights have up to 10x longer life.

The life of the led grow lights reaches up to 100,000 hours, compared to HPS it's 10x more. Another great advantage is that Led Grow Lights loses very little of its performance during use.

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