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KIND LED K5 Series

The K5 series features the flagship units of the KIND LED company: the XL1000 and XL750. Indeed, everything about these grow lights is XL, beginning from the light footprint, which is equivalent to that of 750 and 1000W HID units. The light spectrum is fully customizable, allowing the user not only to adjust it according to the life cycle of plants but also according to the environment (greenhouse, crop rotation, etc.)

A built-in internal timing function allows the user to schedule the light cycles reliably and safely. Speaking of life cycles, the K5 models feature an 8-stage “mother earth” timing function, which mimics the natural passage of the seasons for better photosynthetic results. Contrary to the K3 models, the diodes are both 3W and 5W, offering a balance between power and stability.

Finally, both K5 models are dimmable, using a PWM system that allows the light to only consume as much power as it needs to drive the diodes at their set level of brightness.