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TYPE LED Grow Lights

We have divided the Led Grow lights into different types for you. The most commonly used species are LED Grow Panels, which are ideal in combination with breeding boxes. Led Grow Bars are ideal additions to LED Grow Panels or as the main source of light for atypical spaces. Led Grow Bulbs are used for growth in smaller rooms. DIY Cob Kits are very popular kits for growing with the use of the latest chips for Led Grow.

Led Grow panels

The widest selection of LED Grow panels in Europe at the best prices. We offer the most powerful Led Grow panels in the market for professional growers or also Led Grow panels at very low prices.

COB Grow Lights

Cob Grow Chips are, according to many growers, the successors of the classic 3.5W led grow lights. You can choose from the finest brands of Cob Chips, Cree cxb, Vero 29 gen.7 and others.

Led Grow Bars

This kind of LED grow lighting is especially suitable for atypical spaces, for vegetable stage and as side-lighting to increase the yield of your plants.

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