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Wilma Systems®

The Wilma Grow System is a drip irrigation hydroponic growing system, designed hydroponic growing easier. Wilma Grow Systems are a collaboration between Atami and Nutriculture and can be used with any growing medium. Designed to produce high yields as simply as possible, the system has also been developed to provide today’s grower with improved spacing between pots, a convenient mixing tap for nutrients and easier access to the reservoir.

The big plus with this system is the timer: This allows you to regulate feeding schedule and portions. You set the timer to your preferred cycle measurements, and a pump delivers the nutrient solutions through the drippers into the pots.

As long as you use the proper dripper for the growing medium, the Wilma Grow System offers diversity and range, allowing you to treat the system as a re-circulating hydroponic or as a dripper system with a catchment tank. Thanks to the Wilma, you can be sure that your crops will never be overfed or underwatered, and you benefit from the simplicity and flexibility of growing in a pot!