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E harmony commercial couples

Warren is the year-old cofounder and current CEO of online dating site eHarmony.

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Once viewed as unwelcoming to the LGBTQ community, popular online matchmaker eHarmony has gone through a queer-friendly rebranding of late.

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It's an interesting brand management dilemma: What do you do if your are effective in driving business, but are annoying as heck to the general population? If you've watched TV anytime sinceyou've seen eHarmony's .

Eharmony's co-founder and star of its is stepping down

The most famous one features fashion store owner TanyaLeewho was matched on "29 dimensions of compatibility" with her husband Joshua. TanyaLee is actually a real person and has a cutesy blog here.

There's nothing specifically wrong with TanyaLee or the ad They just want to pull the trigger. TanyaLee seems nice enough.

Pretty but not perfect her nose is kinda lumpy. Owns her own business she was just too busy to date. And she's embarrassed to admit she was internet dating although everyone does it.

Yet there are lengthy diatribes of anti-TanyaLee and eHarmony sentiment all over the web. You can read them here and here and here and here and here and here.

Eharmony's new inclusive are enraging some on the right

One thread begins :. Separately, Joshua did his wife no favors when he used her blog to write a statement opposing gay marriage.

You can read a copy of the now-deleted post here. She had to apologize for him, and the "90 percent" of her friends whom she says are gay she's in the fashion biz, remember? Predictably, people were irked that Joshua was promoting the most marriage-oriented of all the web harmony brands, and yet opposed marriage for anyone not quite like him.

My personal theory is that eHarmony's couples seem couple but refuse to mention anything about what is probably the most important "dimension of compatibility" of all: sex. All the blather on about life-sharing and love and emotional connection and talking for hours and hours, but there's commercial a wink to the topic of physicality.

Year-old eharmony founder on gay marriage and tinder

Sure, in an extended version of their ad Joshua says :. Only the media-buying side of eHarmony's is in play it's currently handled by Ocean Media but the company is preparing new to celebrate its 10th anniversary. Can't you also now admit that those relationships aren't merely platonic? They are god damned vile and irritating as all hell.

A bunch of yuppies, model couples, terrible music, hokey love stories Where's a psychopath with a hook for a hand when you need one? Chrome Safari Continue.

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