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Inevitably, escorts begin to think about this sooner or later. However, you should consider a few things before you move forward. Overall, the task will be as simple or as difficult as you make it.

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The escort industry is immensely competitive.

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All 3 have merits, advantages, and disadvantages. Wix is lovely! I have never deed a site in Squarespace, I have looked at it for research and its much the same as Wix. Ease of use comes with limitations, SquareSpace and Wix are controlled environments.

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They are site builders with limited options that can only be hosted by only them for a monthly fee. These platforms are made for small businesses that simply need an online presence. Like everything online, website builders have terms and conditions. As websites are hosted on their servers, you must comply with their terms and conditions.

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Sexwork is illegal in many countries which means these platforms do not allow sex work websites as that would be illegal for them to do so. For this blog, I am discussing WordPress.

Not to be confused with WordPress. WordPress has the steepest learning curve of the 3 options but it also has a lot more functionality and flexibility. Whilst WordPress is more challenging for a beginner; the upside is that it gives you the ultimate level of customisation and there is no real limit to what you can build into your website.

Functionality such as live chat, a private members area, paywalls, forums, courses and anything you can think up really, can be added to your WordPress site allowing you to include additional revenue streams and marketing opportunities. WordPress is different from Wix and Squarespace in that you have full access and own your website and content.

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The main differences between these 3 platforms are that Wix and Squarespace aim to give you a website without needing coding skills. WordPress gives you total freedom to think outside the box and achieve your goals. WordPress you own your site and can put it anywhere you, please.

What you decide to use is really down to what is best for you, your business and brand. Thanks to the developers who contribute to WordPress with themes and plugins, you achieve anything you desire with your website.

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A self-hosted WP site is the way to go and the cheapest in the long builder you just need to commit a bit of time and effort to learn the basics. There are plenty of free tutorials available online. Wix is escort if you want simple and easy to use. Wix does allow Escort sites as long as it is legal in your country, the same goes for SquareSpace. If you are using WordPress you can free up onto your local computer, I suggest if you are using Wix or Squarespace you always keep a copy of your website in case your site disappears.

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Last week a lovely lady contacted me to discuss the de and development of a new website. Her escort website had been with the same web deer for 4 years but the business had gone overnight, without a trace and her website disappeared.

The lady had a to her website but it had been…. These USA laws caused many advertising platforms to disappear. To combat this lack of marketing and promotional spaces, Sexworkers are creating their own websites. I wholeheartedly recommend having your own website as part of your escort marketing strategy, I also recommend a….

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I have written a few Escort Marketing blogs containing some information on Escort SEO but with this blog, I am going to dive into why building your website search engine optimised is free in your marketing strategy. I will also show you how and why you should include Escort SEO at the escort stage of…. Wix has become very well known due to is large marketing budget using celebrities to promote their service.

They are the only web builder that I know of who has run during the Super Bowl. With the demise of many escort directories there has been lots of twitter chats on Escort Website Options, Website Builders, Hosting and of course my favourite acronym, SEO, is thrown around in websites.

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Escorts asking advice on what to do, which platforms and hosting companies allow Escort Websites, how to SEO and as always there…. Hey there Sarah, I love you site and some of your information. I was wondering if you could point me to some tips to increase our ranking. Would you be prepared to have a look, and point me in the right direction please?

I just had a quick look; its the same flynax template as LuxuryCompanions.

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I do IT support for the company that owns the site, and would so appreciate any advice. Many thanks! Hmmmm, thanks heaps for your reply Sarah. I thought that you might say that….

Wish me luck! Kind regards Sharon. Work with Me. Toggle Menu Close. Search for: Search.