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How many boys have a crush on me

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More than 4, of you responded to our survey this year and one thing was clear: Liking someone — or having someone like you — can be soooooooo embarrassing. How embarrassing? Enough to make kids blush, hide in the restroom at school, or even feel like throwing up. Nothing romantic about that!

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I hate looking around the room. I rarely speak, unless I'm with friends.

Yes, and I'm not really looking. I'm in a long-term relationship. No one has asked me out yet. No, but no one knows who I'm dating. Me and four or five of my closest friends binge-watching movies. Every popular person in the school is invited. We dance, party, and make great memories.

Just me and a friend.

How many people are secretly in love with you?

I'm usually too busy to have parties. A pickup truck. A sporty coupe. An old sedan. A jeep. Party planner. Not at all. Just baking. I like cooking; I don't like baking. I like to cook and bake. I'm always looking for an opportunity to make a joke. When someone says something funny I can work off of.

Only when my friends are around. I don't really make jokes. Tell them they're blind. Smile, and thank them. Pay them a compliment in return.

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Wonder if it is a setup. Making jokes. Talking to a friend.

Paying attention. As loud as possible! Yes, if there is someone else singing with me. Only if I'm alone. No, but I'm thinking of the lyrics in my head. Yes, finally! Yes, I knew it was coming. I think someone else deserves it more. I don't want my picture on the wall.

How many boys like me?

Not really. Yes, of course! Yes, but I could be happier. Most of the time.

How many boys like you?

Not very likely. Very likely. Likely, but only if we make eye contact. It depends on my mood. I blurt the answer out.

How many people have a crush on you

I tell them that I know the answer and wait for them to give me undivided attention. I wait for someone else to answer, and if no one does, I will answer. I wait for them to look at me, then I tell them the answer.

Ask someone for help. Have someone else do it for me. Try to figure out where the problem originated, and work backwards. Find the most common sense answer possible. Sweat pants. A short skirt. Yoga pants. Roll my eyes and walk away. Wait patiently and respond. I don't like dogs. It might have a disease. I would try to find its owner or take it to the shelter. I would try to find its owner or keep it. As many as I can before someone tells me to stop. I'd ask someone to split it with me. Probably none. One, and if there are leftovers, a second. I would point and laugh. If I'm not busy. If my friends were around to help me.

I know how embarrassing that is. I'm usually thinking about something else.

Only if I like the person. I'm too shy. It shows people you are listening. I'm usually working.

I like being comfortable. They cover my toes. They're easier to put on. Yes, everyone.