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How to spot a controlling woman

All 7 forms of spousal abuse--verbal, emotional, sexual, physical, financial, legal, and spiritual--have a controlling component. Each potentially abusive behavior can be placed on a continuum that spans from non-abusive totally healthy to very abusive.

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Some people do not consider snooping to be controlling behavior, but in reality, snooping can be a of a very controlling girlfriend. While you should never make an attempt to hide anything from your partner and you should always be honest and truthful, that doesn't mean that you are going to tell your partner every little bit about every single day. It would be exhausting to try. If your girlfriend is so controlling that she has to snoop on your phone to find out what she missed, that is a bad. Does your girlfriend constantly seem jealous whenever your attention goes elsewhere? Jealousy can sometimes set in over friends and family, not just over other women that you might come into contact with.

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S of controlling behavior

Every woman is different. Some of us have personalities of being overly emotional, stubborn, reckless, confusing, kind and so on. But, there are also women who are exhibiting controlling behavior. Controlling behavior means constantly having the urge to have everything under control; making sure that everything goes as imagined.

Controlling people have their own specifically devised approach on how to make others obey and do things they want them to. It is not an acquired behavior.

She might be complaining about the time spent with someone in your family or with your friends especially if they are females. She does that because she is subconsciously trying to delete all of your support so that you become weak. For example, when she tells you that you should behave in a certain way or change some things, you will not have anyone to talk to about it to see their opinions regarding what she told you.

No matter how much you try, you will always miss something that she will use against you. Criticizing is good but to a certain degree.

Controlling behavior: s, causes, and what to do about it

It makes the other person feel undervalued and unaccepted. So, if your woman is constantly criticizing you for the smallest of things, know that it is not healthy.

Also, she might threaten that she will harm herself if you leave her. She is not supportive of your dreams and wishes because that would mean you have other interests except her. She does this because she wants your full attention, and she wants to shape you to her preferences. It is always about her desires and wishes, and it is always about you doing something for her. She accuses you of being guilty for every major and minor occurrence without any valid proof. A controlling woman does this to maintain power over you because if you feel guilty, you will always be in an alert state that will push you to improvement.

By giving you some things or doing something for you, a controlling woman sometimes creates the sense of expectation. She might buy you something that you always wanted or feed you with her love and affection only to use it against you later on. She also demands even the smallest of details about the place you went to or the people you went with. And if you refuse to do so, she will start doubting even more.

She is constantly criticizing you

Her jealousy makes her go crazy. Every interaction you have with the female species is a potential threat in her eyes, and she immediately starts reacting to it. Whatever you say to her, you are simply not right. Her teasing is directed to making you mad and guilty of doing something.

You dream of a singing career or something else which is not that ordinary, and she never makes an effort to support you.

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