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How to text back your ex

Relationship Hero has helped hundreds of people get their ex back by following such a plan… Now we are sharing that plan - for FREE with examples.

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Love it or hate it, texting is our main mode of communication these days. Given that, we basically have access to one another at all times, which can be a blessing or a curse.

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Is it too late to get your ex back?

If used carefully, text messages can be a very powerful tool to get back together with your ex boyfriend or ex girlfriend. So, are you ready to learn how to use text messages to win back your ex? Texting can be an extremely effective method of establishing rapport, trust, and attraction with your ex… if executed correctly. This sort of dynamic allows you time to think about what to say before you actually say it. With most of my coaching clients, I tell them that texting is usually the best route when communicating with their exes … although there are occasionally certain scenarios where texting might not be the right move.

For instance, if you and your ex never texted one another during your relationship, it might be weird to all of a sudden start texting him or her. Below are several things you absolutely should NOT do if you want to get your ex back through texting. And when logic goes out the window, people tend to send 3 kinds of BAD text messages.

While venting can be therapeutic, saying mean things to your ex will ruin your chances of ever rebuilding a relationship with him or her. If you find yourself angry with your ex, then give yourself a moment to cool down before you pick up your phone. After all….

How to text your ex back – the art of using text messages to get your ex back [with 53 examples]

Or to win them back and make them love you again? So take a chill pill, relax, and live to fight another day. Annoying, right? No surprise there. When you send your ex a message like these examples above, you might think that these texts sound honest and sweet. Am I screwed or is there a chance of salvaging my situation?

The quick answer is yes, there is a chance you can recover from these mistakes and there probably is a chance you can get back on the road of winning your ex back. Right now, your ex is feeling annoyed or angered by your text messages and rightfully so. The next logical step, therefore, is to remove all the negative feelings your ex has of you by sending a quick apology text and employing the no-contact strategy.

Other things have been stressing me on top of this breakout and I lashed out. Wish you luck.

How to get your ex boyfriend back using text messages (guaranteed!)

This text message accomplishes two things — you apologize to your ex and you give yourself an excuse for acting inappropriately. What you need to do, therefore, is to take that power away from them so that they begin to start chasing you.

For example, imagine your ex sends you a message 15 days into the no-contact period and he or she gets no reply for several days. Your ex will start constantly checking his or her phone, waiting for a response. This is exactly why no-contact works so brilliantly. It turns the tables upside down and makes your ex WANT to talk to you. Make sense?

Need help coming up with a surefire plan to win back your ex? Building rapport is a crucial starting point.

Text your ex back: 7 texts your ex will love to hear from you

So what kind of text should you be sending? You want to send something that makes them feel good… AND has actual value. For example:. Hope everything is going well. Why does this text message work? The goal of this text message is to remind your ex of a positive experience you two shared while you were together, without appearing awkward or weird.

Text your ex back: 5 ways to do it quickly and perfectly

For example, you could say:. What was the name of that restaurant again? I want to take a friend there.

This will force your ex to think about that positive experience. This text message is great because it incites a little bit of jealousy and mystery. This text message is extremely effective if you send it at the right time. If you feel like your ex is still annoyed or irritated to hear from you, then sending this text is going to backfire on you.

OK, now, this text message should only be used if you handled your breakup properly. Again, as with the two text messages, this message has a real purpose. Attraction, love, romance, etc. If you were to send huge, long, rambling text messages, your might appear a little desperate for attention. So keep the text messages as short as possible, but not so short that you kill the conversation. Keep talking about things that interest your ex and ask honest questions. The goal here is to remain positive so that your ex will WANT to meet up with you. In person. Definitely do NOT do that.

Power of texts to get your ex back

The best way to arrange this is to make sure you have a very good, legitimate-sounding reason to want to see your ex. Can we grab a quick coffee this Friday?

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Men, ». Ladies, ». Related Posts. Brad Browning Brad Browning is widely regarded as the world's most trusted breakup experts, boasting over 12 years of experience working with clients from around the world.

24 perfect texts to send your ex, no matter what the situation

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