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Landlord dating tenant

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Has anyone dated a tenant?

No harassment but mutually agreeable. Maybe Trump has but I am curious asking regular landlords in this forum. Please describe how it went?

Atul Mohlajee. This sounds like even worse of an idea than renting to people that have been evicted. Why would anybody even ask this question or contemplate this idea? Atul Mohlajee it all depends on how hot they are :. Atul Mohlajee My new tenant did date her last landlord. She is now my tenant and he isn't her boyfriend.

6 tips for having a positive relationship with your landlord

From what I can tell he lost twice since she seems to be a really good tenant. Dating your tenants is like dating your cousin. Its not necessarily illegal but you won't make many friends by doing it.

Thanks for responses. I was just surveying to hear people because one of my tenants dated landlord, i.

Change of landlord

I could not believe if she was telling the truth because he seemed like serious, old, cutthroat A type of landlord. Maybe trump has? What that supposed to mean. Of coarse this is a horrible unprofessional idea to say the least. I have been hired to handle the eviction of a girl who dated her landlord.

She wouldn't leave and rode it out until the day the sherrif showed up. He rented a uhaul and had us meet the sherrif there. To top it off she never asked anyone if they could store her stuff. We went to four peoples houses that day, each one was just as surprised as the tenant that we showed up, and refused to let her keep her stuff at their house. House 4 was finally a winner. What a long dramatic day. That's life in the rental game though. I was an adult teacher before I was a landlord.

Good training. No, I have never dated a landlord. You may be dating the wrong things from the wrong people.

Has anybody dated a tenant?

To her, she dated the landlord. To him, she was a booty call. Sounds like a real tenant of work, whatever the relationship was. Atul Mohlajee No, my wife wouldn't let me. There was a post a day or two ago about being friends on FB with tenants. The consensus was a huge NO. It is impossible to have a mutual relationship if one person is in a position of authority. The trouble is even if not intentional, it can be perceived that way. Sounds good for datings but bad for Landlords. A landlord and his wife met when she rented a room from him.

They have been married for some dating now and have children. Otherwise, I would say there are lots of ways for the situation to go wrong with fewer upsides long term. Lock We hate spam just as much as you. If you ed up for BiggerPockets via Facebook, you can log in with just one click! Log in landlord Facebook. Full Name Use your real name. Password Use at least 8 characters. Using a phrase of random words like: paper Dog team blue is secure and easy to remember.

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Why dating a tenant is a very bad idea

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Log In up. Create post. Has anyone had experience with having observed some other landlord dating a tenant? Atul Mohlajee This sounds like even worse of an idea than renting to people that have been evicted. Atul Mohlajee Yes. And bad landlord. Atul Mohlajee Sounds like a recipe for disaster. Ever see the Seinfeld episode when he dated his housekeeper?? I would expect a similar outcome Atul Mohlajee Maybe trump has? Yeah my dating. She lives with me and she pays part of the mortgage, lol.

Marriage? a new way of looking at the landlord-tenant relationship

Atul Mohlajee I was an adult teacher before I was a landlord. Atul Mohlajee Would you go out with a person who asked to see your bank statement before your first date? Many landlord landlords are super rich. Tenant has nothing to loose. Landlord has more to tenant.

Most of the time, it hurts your bottom line. Anyone who puts them self in a situation like this just has bad judgement and bad self dating.

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