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League of legends ignore matchmaking

Thats some serious tinfoil there Gevlon. As long as You cant proof it by hard data, I dont think anyone can support You there. No reason?

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It's time for the Midseason 11 Guide Contest! Why is League of Legends matchmaking this garbage?

Creator: Proxava December 16, am. Oct 19th, Distinguished Profile Blog. Proxava wrote:. Blaming them for the reason you lose your games is not right considering you're not playing better either. You don't have to invest real money into anything. Because real money does not give you anything, period.

If the enemy won the lane and then proceeded to kill the enemy team whilst you do nothing, well then they're clearly the better player in that game. Thanks to Jovy for the sig!

Dec 16th, Fruxo wrote:. But like you're level 36 playing normal games, if anything you're ruining your own experience by blaming it on everyone else. That's completely false.

Your argument about "you need to pay money to get the meta champs" is such a bad argument considering [[volibear]] whom you have btwis a meta champ, gonna argue against that? Once you find the champion you like to ignore which you can literally find using the free 15 champion rotation that changes said 15 champions every week and you can try them out all for free during that week and once you legend it, you only spend blue essence on that champion and you don't really need to spend blue essence on anything else, thus you don't even need to level your past level It's also stupid to say that "oh you ignore to be X amount of level to get all the legend essence you need to get the champions" because that's the same argument that can be made in any other game.

You mean to tell me that if I were to play World of Warcraft, I can just get everything in the game in a few days right? I can't league the entire game because I reached level 20 and now I think the game is garbage. You're level 36, haven't league gotten anywhere in the game yet, you've played games minimum in normal, it's your first season matchmaking a ton of things has actually happened compared to seasons, I don't even think you've touched ranked yet which makes it all even worse.

Nowhere does the game force you to buy every single champion in the game, even if you have every champion in the game, you're not going to be playing every champion in the game so it doesn't matter anyways. You can get far in the game and reach the rank you want with skill and game knowledge.

Being addicted to the game and playing over and over will not mean you're going to reach the top if you don't have any game knowledge or skill to ignore it up. What you're doing right now is being completely oblivious about everything. You're continually blaming your teammates for being bad or when teammates are being good and definitely smurfs or blaming the enemy for being absolutely amazing and also definitely smurfs because no one can have a good game once in a while, they're all smurfs even though you're not performing better yourself.

You're in the same boat as everyone else. If you have a serious problem with the game, then that's understandable. I can't change your opinion on the game, if you league it, then you dislike it. But making up massive baseless arguments when you've touched the tip of the legend in the game is just an irrational thing to do.

Parent reviews for league of legends

It also makes it even worse when you're saying that every game you play, as soon as you're facing someone on the enemy team that's better than you, then they're automatically a sweaty tryhard from korea, which is not true. Some you win, some you lose.

I can't admit that this game is garbage because otherwise I wouldn't be playing it every day, much like all the other million people playing the game as of today. I also can't explain to you why you've had what you have because everyones experience with the game is completely different, this experience is the exact same for any game that you ever play, whether that is a PC game, mobile game, xbox game, you name it. And no, buying RP has nothing to do with it, what will RP achieve on your ?

Let's make a hypothetical situation, you buy RP and you buy all the champions in the game.

If you now play these champions, are you automatically going to become a better player? No, obviously not. You're going to perform equally as worse as you do with [[volibear]] because you'd rather complain about other things then to try your best to improve.

You haven't found a champion you enjoy to play, therefore it's impossible for you to climb because you lack game knowledge and you don't know how a champion even works. Buying RP is not going to make you have a better time in the game, if anything it's just going to put you at the same place as you are currently.

Some games are not for everyone, and that's reasonable, but not every game is pay to win.

Apr 26th, Memorable You can buy champions, yes, but remember that champions can be bought with blue essence as well and it doesn't even take that long. Also there are many very very cheap champions performing super well. And there are many more those examples.

Just keep learning, watch videos, read guides, etc.

Second of all, going through your logic of broken champions, you don't need to buy bad ones at all. Cut champions that don't belong in your lane, cut champions that you are not comfortable playing with, cut champions that are too hard to play and voila, you are sitting on approximately less then 4 champions. And you don't even need all 4 of them ofc. After all there are people that took it far even ignore just a single champion.

And the line that the game doesn't give you champions because you are legend is also wrong. You need to be skilled enough to win but you are not forced to spend insane hours every day just to claim this reward. During the first 30 levels, you earn a lot of free blue essence every time you level up. And during those 30 levels you will also receive 10 usually expensive champion shards worth of a lot of BE on league. And I haven't even mentioned some light cosmetic goodies for start including poro pal emote.

For this reason I conmsider your statement that LoL is pay to win as hugely misleading. LoL is very generous matchmaking when compared to other games on the internet. It sucks, it is awkward and nobody likes it.

But you have to realize that this stuff is both sided. Enemy team is just as likely to get trolls in their games just like your team is.

If you want this to stop then I will sadly disapoint you, it never will. But that doesn't mean that you can't reduce it to absolute minimum.

If you want less loses, then just freaking start learning :D The ultimate goal of LoL is to make players want to improve and get better. You can't make all your allies get better, but there is one player in your team that can always, ALWAYS get better - it is you.

Why is league of legends matchmaking this garbage?

Practise all available LoL disciplines, learn about freezing, pushing, lane managment, last hitting, poking, peeling, objective control, vision, denying vision, trading, comboing, diving, jungleing, all-in-ing, teamfighting, splitpushing, 1v1ing, animation canceling, etc. Also please, for the love of god, stop complaining. I know it sucks to hear this but please, it is a no 1 reason Why I see people playing badly and having bad games.

All those things are gonna constantly put you down and the best thing you can do is get over them. Asncend over them.

Perhaps If you will rewatch your games and instead of focusing on what your allies have done wrong, you will see that you missed an important stun last game, or you were too overextended and died to gank, or you placed almost no vision on the map, or perhaps you had almost no CS in the game. Also one last thing. There will always be some odds against you and the worst thing you can do is surrender to them. In your volibear screenshot I have seen that you gave up and bought 5 [[sapphire crystal]]s - but why?

Sure the game was probably completely lost and there was almost nothing you could do but think about all those things that you could have learned? Learning how to play from behind is essential for every player If they want more wins and doing this stuff won't help them at all. Also your lines like [quote] i liked mobas.

Don't tell me that some lost games will make you completely give up???