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Looking for my better half man

And is there such a thing called the one? Looking for love and social acceptance is a reality inherent not only to human nature, but to that of any social animal.

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Looking for your better half?

Before meeting my dad, my grandfather told my mom:. As a middle child growing up in an Italian family of 6, my mom took charge of a lot of the responsibilities. From taking care of her younger siblings to handling the housework and being the mediator in sibling rivalry, she was depended on the most. Eventually, she saved money, bought her own car and moved out before the rest of her siblings. These among many other questions were raised and answered. It was only after I got to know these couples on a personal level that I realized what my grandfather meant all along.

Finding someone who complements you, whose strengths are your weaknesses, who brings out the best, not the worst, in you. The yin to your yang. For instance :.

Which is why it comes as no surprise that she married my dad:. An easy going, laid back man. Complementary personalities. According to social dynamic theory:. In other words:. B We want to share our worth with a partner who can provide us with something equally as valuable. Which begs the question:. Looking back with the social dynamic theory in mind, realized how often it plays out from some couples I met in real life.

Their strengths complement their weaknesses. What they lacked, the other partner brought to the relationship and vice versa. His easy going humble nature brought balance to her high strung neurotic nature. They brought out the best, not the worst in each other. The differences lie in sharing vs getting. Whether that be loyalty, commitment or financial stability because they had what they valued within themselves. Because they are already whole, to begin with.

Or as Tim Urban, founder and writer of waitbutwhy. Do you love them because you need them or do you need them because you love them? The first is co-dependency, the latter is a healthier version of what we all should aim for. The layout of how we perceive and feel about ourselves in relation to love, sex and relationships in general. Our emotional maps are responsible for a lot of things including:. Our tendency to over analyze the meaning behind certain emojis in text or on the flip side: the choice to express how we feel without suffering from emotional constipation.

Definition of 'your better half your other half'

We all have our strengths and weaknesses. Someone who contributes something equally as valuable as the unique parts of ourselves we want to share. In other words: Someone who brings out the best in us by opening our minds and hearts to something new or better yet: calls us out on our BS.

Or as the famous saying goes: inspires you to become a better version of yourself. It comes as no surprise these two are drawn to one another.

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We all can agree they both have valuable qualities going for them. His outgoing nature pushes her out of her comfort zone and allows her to experience more and analyze less. While her introspective nature pushes him to think about what he truly wants out of life and take necessary action to get there.

By learning to appreciate their differences, they offer what the other one is missing.

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As a result, they forge a strong bond and bring out the best in each other. After all, we are two wholes, wanting to share parts of ourselves with someone who can value it most. Striking the right balance of feeling whole and finding someone who brings out the best in you, could be the secret sauce to what you need.

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What it really means to find your “better half.”

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Better half

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