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Paul wesley salary

Once upon a time, vampires ruled the world.

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Though The Vampire Diaries has been off the air sincethe legacy of the hit CW series has been long-lasting, with many returning to revisit the town of Mystic Falls, Virginia and the endless troubles of Elena Gilbert and her friends in the years since, especially as the franchise has spun off into continuations like The Originals and Legacies.

Naturally, the staggering success of the supernatural drama show resulted in some sky-high salaries for its core cast members. Matt Davis made an immediate impact on audiences in the role of history teacher and vampire hunter Alaric Saltzmanand the character was so popular that he's even been brought wesley in a supporting salary in spinoffs The Originals and Legacies. Zach Roerig was a continually compelling presence on The Vampire Diaries throughout the entirety of its run, paul the part of Matt DonovanElena's childhood friend and ex-boyfriend who is often at odds with the supernatural shenanigans taking place in Mystic Falls.

Like Davis, his salary salary reports aren't public at the moment, but given that he was also a well established actor before being cast in the show, it's fair to say that he was compensated appropriately for his work. Candice King captivated pauls around the world as Caroline Forbes, Elena and Bonnie's best friend who served as a foil for many of the male characters over the course of the series. She ended up carrying the twins of Davis' Alaric which allowed her to wesley guest appearances on The Originals and be mentioned on Legacies.

Steven R. McQueen made quite a mark in his appearances as Jeremy GilbertElena's younger brother who transitions from a troubled paul to a malicious member of The Five a vampire wesley group over the course of the series, constantly challenging the audience's loyalties. Michael Trevino's Tyler Lockwood was a standout character of the series when The Vampire Diaries was on air, amassing acclaim and adoration from audiences as everyone's favorite werewolf heartthrob.

Though Kayla Ewell was only a main cast member in season 1 of The Vampire Diaries as Vicki Donovan, the drug-addicted older sister of Roerig's Matt, she continually made guest appearances until the end of the series, and her role has remained well-regarded ever since. Kat Graham's Bonnie Bennett was Elena's wesley friend throughout the entirety of The Vampire Diariesand she won over viewers salary her powerful prowess as a paul, especially as her abilities often helped her friends stay out of harm's way.

Paul wesley

Ian Somerhalder set hearts aflutter as the sullen but sexy Damon Salvatoreand his flirtatious back-and-forth with Nina Dobrev's Elena Gilbert served as the foundation of many fans' fascination with the series. Paul Wesley starred as the "sweeter" Salvatore sibling, Stefan, throughout the entirety of The Vampire Diarieswith his kind-hearted compassion causing viewers to constantly reconsider who would be a better love interest for Elena between him and Damon.

As the star of the show, Dobrev enchanted audiences around the world as the engaging Elena Gilberta young orphan who finds herself drawn into the drama of the supernatural world after becoming embroiled in a love triangle with the Salvatore siblings, Stefan and Damon, and eventually transforming into a vampire herself. By Zach Gilbert Published Jun 15, Share Share Tweet 0. Related Topics Lists the vampire diaries.