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Canna Bio Terra Plus, 25L


  • €12,90

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Detailed Product Description
Certified Organic Clay Canna Bio Terra Plus contains the highest quality peat species enriched with chopped tree bark. The bark has antifungal effects and prevents fungus. The airy and very light soil substrate is enriched with organic ingredients such as bone meal, bat guano and other beneficial substances of natural origin. Traditional Canna COCO coconut fiber is also part of the fertile mix, which, through its symbiosis, promotes more effective nutrition, stronger roots and healthier plant development. It also protects the plant from disease.

Organic soil Canna Bio Terra Plus, 25L is fertilized. Thanks to the self-regulating ability of the substrate, the fertilizer in the substrate is consumed only if the plant needs it. If there is enough fertilizer in the grout, the substrate remains in the substrate for a more convenient time, and vice versa. This, among other things, avoids gross mistakes in fertilization and makes it possible to reach interesting results even for inexperienced growers.