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Canna Coco Professional Plus, 50L


  • €16,90

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Organic coconut substrate Canna Coco Professional Plus with Trichoderma but without harmful diseases and viruses. Complex balance between water and air.

Detailed Product Description
Canna Coco Professional Plus is a pure growing medium with a homogeneous structure and a complex balance between water and air. This high-quality growing medium also has full balancing capability that prevents the inefficient use of fertilizers that can threaten poor quality coconuts. Coconut fibers do not come into contact with outdoor soils, a potential source of pathogens and pests. They are flushed with clean water, free of salt.

Canna Coco Professional Plus, 50L, consists of 45% cellulose, which gives the product mainly stability of physical properties and allows the medium to be used repeatedly. The water / air ratio is 73/23. The substrate contains, of course, a Trichoderma sponge that protects the root system and supports its growth.

We recommend using containers of at least 5 liters. The larger the container, the more stable the root environment. If you use the CANNA Coco Professional Plus substrate in combination with the CANNA Coco series fertilizers that are designed for this substrate, you will invest in quality and certainty. Guarantee of RHP quality.