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Canna Terra Professional Plus, 50L


  • €24,50

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Premium soil for plant cultivation, Canna Terra Professional Plus, 50L. Soil substrate of the best peat, bark and mix of trace elements or chelates.

Detailed Product Description
The composition of the Canna Terra Professional Plus 50L substrate is based on the desire to create the purest soil mixture in the world. Part of the premium mix is ​​air peat and tree bark with antiseptic effects. The uniquely tuned formula, including effective chelates and trace elements, supports exceptional root development, stronger stalks and faster metabolism. The pH in the medium is ready to withstand the entire growing cycle. The special structure ensures optimum water and air / water ratio.

The best results are achieved by Canna Terra Professional Plus when combined with other Canna products. Generally, the larger the container, the more stable the root environment. Elasticity and drainage ensure a thin layer of ceramsite. Under normal conditions, fast growing plants evaporate approximately 4-6 liters of moisture per day per square meter. Canna Terra Professional Plus, 50L is 100% recyclable, free of harmful viruses or soil diseases. Store in a cool and dry place, do not expose to temperatures below 4 ° C.