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FAR Red Bloom Enhancer Array 120w - Dimmable (UV/IR)

optic led

  • €239,00

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Introducing the FAR Red Bloom Enhancer Array by Optic LED. Take your white light grow to the next level with loads of 660 nanometer FAR RED and many other flowering enhancing spectrum.  Proven to grow bigger, fatter more colorful buds and help absorb the white light at higher intensities resulting in significantly higher yields. This Bloom enhancer is comprised of quality components from the dimmable Meanwell Driver to the Osram 3 Watt highly efficient LEDs.  Engineered to be the best on the market for bloom enhancers in efficiency, spread & spectrum. Imagine what this Bloom Enhancer can do for your grow. 


  • LEDs: OSRAM 3W LEDs     
  • Lens: 120 degree Crystal Clear Wide Beam Lenses
  • Driver: Meanwell 120 Watt Dimmable 
  • Dimmer: 10% - 100% Dimmability
  • Thermal management: Passive Cooling from a Overbuilt heatsink
  • PPF/Watt: : 2.4 umol/J
  • Actual Power Draw: 120 watts 
  • LEDs Max Power: 192 Watts
  • Grams Per Watt: Up to 2.4
  • Yield: Up to 288 grams / 10.28 ounces

(Optic 1 and Optic 1XL yields increased to 2.25 Grams Per Watt )


Coverage Footprint:


2' x 2' area (.6m x .6m)

Max 2.5' x 2.5' (.75m x .75m)


Hanging Height:

Flower: 12"- 18"" (.3m - .45m)

Veg: 24" (.6m)

Seedling: 30" (.75m)