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LED light with clip and timer 20W


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Practical LED 20W full-spectrum illumination to grow and flower. Two separate LED stripes with an adjustable 360 ° position are equipped with a timer and a blue / red / combined spectrum switch.

Unique lighting over plants with the ability to control light and set the initial light time without the need for further reductions. Lightly place the light above the box, the canopy or flower pots with a metal clip, whose jaws hold up to 6 cm in thickness. There is such a problem with the complicated installation of another light source, such as growing bulbs, in less accessible places.

A 20W full-spectral LED illumination for plants is a simple timer, growing spectrum, and light intensity almost like a classic lamp.

Variability of the growing spectrum
At 20 watts full power, a blue and a full light section shines. Intuitive operation enables up to 3 LED lighting modes. The first mode starts only 13.5 watts with purple full spectrum diodes, which will give plants a balanced energy dose in all parts of the spectrum. The second mode starts 6.5 W blue light, which helps to increase growth. The third mode is a combination of the first and the second.

Why Purple LEDs?
LEDs developed directly for efficient plant illumination contain full light spectrum, emitting exactly as much energy in the individual spectrum colors as the plant is able to receive and process.

When to use LED double LED illumination

• Growing light above the box or the paver
• Lighting for the clone box
• Pre-growing of seedlings
• "boost" to support bloom and fetus
• Additional Growing Light
• Horizontal and vertical illumination

The convenient time switch allows 3, 9 or 12 hour mode lighting. You can turn on the light just in the morning and in the evening for 3 hours and stick to the lighting conditions of the plants. The light switches off after the set time, so you do not have to think about switching off at the selected time. Thanks to the long cable, light can be applied virtually anywhere.


Package contents
• Double LED lighting with clip and timer
• 20W LED lighting
• Power 3A USB Adapter
• instructions for use

• Power 20W
• Spectrum Full-Spectral / Blue / Both
• Input voltage 5V
• Weight 0.5 kg
• black colour
• Lifetime 50,000h
• use TIFF
• Number of LEDs 40
• Timer 3h / 9h / 12h