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Magnus Light

  • €849,00

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Magnus Mother Lamp 250W

The Magnus Mother lamp is the perfect solution for growing mothers for cuttings. 

You can compare the MM-250 with a 400W HPS grow lamp. In fact, he is even more powerful than a 400W HPS. You can use the mother lamp in growing rooms of maximum 120 x 120 cm. 

Place the COB LED approximately 50 cm from your mothers. If the internodes are too short, increase the height of the lamp or use the dimmer to lower the light intensity about 10%. 
Every set-up may differ, so you have to test your room for the perfect set-up. 

Our specially designed spectrum will provide the plant, in its growing phase, the right light color and leaf temperature. Growing with LED ensures that the plants are much more healthier and you won’t need to use a lot of fertilizers. 

The main features are:
■ Healthy and fast growing your mothers
■ replaces and surpasses a 400W
■ Dimming and control with any climate system
■ Dimmable: Local, and optionally linked to remote and / or wireless
■ Replaces 1 on 1 traditional HPS and MH lamps with lower power consumption
■ 120 ° parabolic lens for an equal light distribution
■ active cooling Lifetime 50,000 hours (90% luminosity)
■ More light, less heat
■ Energy efficient

With our experience in horticulture we have spent over 4 years to create the best LED grow light on the market. Our attention has gone especially to the right color balance, light distribution, lifetime and efficiency. In comparison to HPS and MH light bulb. 
Compared with HPS or MH lamp Magnus brings a 50% energy saving with the same light intensity in umol, or at least 2 times more umol at the same consumption. 
Our lights have much less heath dissipation compared to HPS, but still give enough heat to bring your environment to the correct temperature. Due to the special Magnus spectrum the leaf temperature will be optimal to be able to absorb sufficient nutrition.

3 years warranty
We only use high quality components so we can guarantee the highest quality. The lamp is made of aluminum which makes the lamp is very robust and heat can dissipate quickly, which is beneficial to the power of the LEDs. In the unlikely event a lamp still break down, we will provide a suitable solution. We give the consumer a 3 year warranty on all our COB LED grow lights.