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Plagron Batmix, 50L


  • €19,90

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Soil substrate Plagron Batmix, 50L is a mixture of quality peat, vermicompost and bat guano. Pre-fed for 6 weeks.

Detailed Product Description
Plagron Batmix peat mix is ​​significantly enriched with nutrients and prepared for six weeks without fertilizing. The main nutritive component is bats, naturally rich in phosphorus and potassium. Also included is the original vermicompost that promotes vital plant growth and increased water capture capability. Inert perlite improves structure and increases airiness. Thanks to Batmix, the plants are more resistant, the flowers are richer and the fruits get a better flavor and taste.

Soil substrate Plagron Batmix, 50L covers the complete plant needs in the first six weeks of growth. Contains white and black peat, fibrous peat, perlite, vermicompost and Bat Guano, together 40 kg / m3 of organic NPK fertilizer in a 3-15-4 ratio. PH values ​​between 6.5-7.5, EC between 2.0-2.5. Apply well before use. Fertilize after six weeks, depending on the state of the plant.