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The SANlight P4W-D Full-Cycle LED grow light is fitted with the brand-new P4W-LED system, which has very good properties. As you can expect from SANlight LED grow lights, also the P4W-D is a remarkably efficient, high quality product, compiled from only the very best parts. The P4W-D is designed to illuminate large cultivation surfaces at low energy consumption. The lenses, designed particularly for this purpose, beam the light at an angle of 90°, exactly towards the cultivation surface so that no more photon disappears in the wrong direction, so to speak. An additional advantage is, that in case multiple P4Ws are used at the right suspension height, there is hardly any shadow amidst the leaves. The fact that these P4W-D properties are also included in the popular LED grow lights in professional horticulture, says enough.

The P4W-D is supplied with the so-called S1- and S2-spectrum as a standard. The S1 spectrum is optimised for the growing phase and ensures pleasant lighting to work in. The S2 spectrum will, as a result of a larger share in the blue and red light range, need to be switched on, once your plants have reached the flowering phase and, in addition, they ensure your plants to remain very compact. The light now gets a violet tint. Please note: in this mode the light is so powerful that SANlight recommends you to limit your presence within the light range. The P4W-D is dimmable and equipped with a passive cooling, so that hardly any noise is being produced, which improves the reliability.

-    Consumption: 130 Watt
-    Cultivation surface: 0.40 x 1.20 m
-    Suspension height: from 15 cm above the plant
-    Burning hours: 50,000 +
-    Dimensions: 980 x 75 x 45 mm
-    Weight: 4 kg