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Spectrum King LED

  • €999,00

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Spectrum King LED has developed for five years on their grow lights, because they wanted a light spectrum that exactly simulates the spectrum of the sun. The idea behind this is that plants have been growing under sunlight for millions of years and have fully adapted to that. Where other LED brands have chosen the color requirements of the plant as a starting point and have developed them further, Spectrum King LED has taken the sun as its starting point. The result is a very powerful LED lamp that emits a visible white light, where most other LED grow lights emit a pink / purple light. However, when we look at the Spectrum King lamps with strong blackout glasses, we see all kinds of colored LEDs. The combination of all visible colors together makes white light. Exactly as that works with the sun.

The 400+ grow lights from Spectrum King are very powerful LED grow lights that are comparable to 1000 Watt HPS grow lights. However, the Spectrum King 400+ grow lights only use 440 watts of power and become much less warm. Spectrum King grow lights can be on for a whole day and then they are still not too hot to put your hand on them. Spectrum King grow lights have no moving parts, such as fans, making them work silently. In addition, Spectrum King grow lights are strong and are practically waterproof. It is better not to put them in a bowl of water, but you can comfortably rinse them with a garden hose and if an unexpected fire extinguishing installation is activated while the light is on, the light will not be affected.

The 90˚ lens ensures that the light of this Spectrum King grow lamp is concentrated on a smaller surface, making them ideal for growing large, full plants in a slightly higher grow room. In order to be able to illuminate a larger area, the lamp will have to be hung a bit higher. In the specifications below you will find more information about the range of light and minimum height above the plant.

- Actual consumption: 480 Watt
- Similar to: 1000 Watt HPS
- Recommended height: at least 45 cm above the top of the plant *
- Scope: 91 x 91 cm (flowering), 120 x 120 cm (growth)
- Burning hours: + 50,000
- Weight: 10.1 kilograms
- Dimensions: 31 x 32 x 46 cm