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SPECTRUM KING SK602+GH DIMMER - led grow lights KingOfLeds


Spectrum King LED

  • €1.849,00

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The only LED grow light that is even brighter than the SK600 is the SK602 + GH. The Spectrum King SK602 + GH is therefore the most powerful LED grow light available for sale. At first glance, the SK602 + GH and its predecessor (the SK600) are quite similar, but on closer inspection there are a few external differences. To begin with, the housing of the SK602 + GH is somewhat lower, a lot easier to construct and in white was executed. The advantage of a white housing is that it reflects the light of adjacent lamps better than a black housing does. As part of the new housing, the ventilation holes of shape and number have also been changed. These changes have ensured that the SK602 + GH is more water resistant than its predecessor and also cools even better. Another big difference is the height of the reflector. It still diffuses the light at an angle of 90 °, but the larger reflection planes direct more light in the right direction. Together with the new reflector, the very latest CREE LEDs are also included in the SK602 + GH. In comparison with the old SK600, the amount of light on the cultivation surface - the place where it all has to be done - increases by some 15 to 20%. The fact that more light also produces a larger breeding surface can be seen from a footprint with an impressive dimension of almost 6m².

The technicians of Spectrum King use it as usual for them that natural sunlight is the best for your plants. That is why the SK602 + GH LED grow light was also equipped with a Full Spectrum light range in which your plants feel perfectly at ease during all phases of life.

- Actual consumption: 610 - 640 watts
- Similar to: 1000 watts double ended HPS
- Hanging height: 152 - 183 cm (growth), 121 - 152 cm (flowering) above the top of your plants
- Scope: 243 x 243 cm (growth), 152 x 152 cm (flowering)
- Life span: +75,000 hours
- Weight: 9.2 kg
- Size: 54 x 26 x 18 cm
- With built-in dimmer