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King Led Grow Lights

  • €52,99

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Specifications (T8-90 cm):

  • Power consumption: 20 W
  • PPFD: 198 µmol/m²/s
  • Footprint: 30 x 90 cm
  • Input voltage: 220 - 240 V

LED grow lamps intended for use during the growth phase of crops typically emit light at a colour temperature somewhere between 9,500 and 10,000 Kelvin. However, Surya’s 20 T8 Vegtube emits a light of 14,000 K, which means that Surya has placed the spectrum of this LED grow lamp considerably further into the blue light range. This makes the 20 T8 unique in its kind, which is one of the reasons why you can encounter this LED grow lamp in large numbers at professional horticultural businesses. This unusual spectrum was developed especially for cuttings and seedlings, Young plants such as those found in large quantities in greenhouse horticulture. Various experiments have shown that such an early crop flourishes excellently under the Surya 20 T8 Vegtube. They grow faster and develop roots more quickly than the young plants that grow up lamps, among other things. The low purchase price is due to the simple design and the materials used. For example, all kinds of switches and rotary knobs are missing to dim the brightness, while the hanging system consists of simple clips to which you simply click the tube into. The LEDs used hardly develop any heat, which means that expensive cooling profiles are not required either. Furthermore, the transparent parts are not made of expensive glass but of a strong, highly translucent plastic material.

An additional advantage of the latter is that the Surya 20 T8 Vegtube can withstand a bump. The rest of the housing is made of aluminium. The 20 T8 Vegtube is a cheap but solid and highly efficient LED grow lamp that you will enjoy for years to come..

Please note: the model are supplied without a power cord. Power cords can be ordered separately here