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Sim brothel guide

Development Board for Sim Brothel 2: Revival.

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Display as : Posts Topics. Advanced Search. Sim Brothel v2 Development Board. Hello all, As a big fan of the original Sim Brothel, I was very pleased to find this site. Huge repect to emcioron and all the folks working on development!

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Sim Brothel 2: Revival. Share Share with:. Link: Copy link. Switch to Print View - 10 posts. I wrote this in December, but never posted it- with the speed of recent guides, it may be obselete already. Its been awhile, and there have been a few adjustments. New things are being added every brothel, although much of my original guide stands up.

But many of the monsters have been buffed up a bit, and your side has been nerfed There are presently 5 heros to choose between It looks like they are planning to add Sim 6th, a Paladin.

Sim brothel guide. sim brothel guide

Many of the quests have slightly different dialogues, depending on your hero. The noble, Henri Bismarck- Perhaps the best starting choice. He's been Sim of his "rogue" class, so can no longer use dual wield guns, or equip a gun and dagger. But he can still dual wield daggers, and his "gas gun" skill is the only starting skill that damages all opponents. He also starts with more brothel The warrior, David Marin- lone survivor of an army raid on another dimension. He can use two swords at guide. He can access a merchant who sells some better two-handed weapons and armors right from the start.

He also can't hire the Sim mercenary The wizard, Aarolon Velnor-out to prove a radical magical theory. The new skill system means he has to work on each spell guide fire, water, darkness, etc seperately. The good news, if you are aiming by keyboard, you can actually multi-target enemies with most spells press the left arrow for reduced brothel.

NONE of his skills improve his agility, so he's soon the last person to attack. She's much improved- bow skill, starting damage skill, as well as her guide white magic. At healing 35, can cast "Esuna", which eliminates most negative conditions. Although the new item "remedy", does the same thing As a female, she can work in her own brothel, as well as train other girls. The lancer, Aelia- chasing David Sim for robbing her fortress. Another good starting hero. All her abilities depend on her "spear" skill, from her guide knight beginner spell "lancet" steal life and manato "Reis' wind" regenerate everyone's health Sim turnsand her ultimate skill "Dreaded Dragon" Fire blast on all opponents unfortunately, she doesn't get any normal "lancer" skills except "jump" Starting Brothel I think the island might now be best to start, but I still prefer the mountain brothel "Hot House".

They are all alike 2 beds for slaves, 1 room for working, no upgrades available. Each area has a quest chain that requires owning that brothel, but they are cheap to purchase later gold each. Gamespeed- it starts fairly high, and generally you want it as slow as possible game time keeps passing at all times, even during fights and cutscenes. It is the brothel of your brothel's working hours, and you can't change jobs or modify your battle party from to Any girls in your battle party at will NOT do their scheduled brothel jobs.

Mercenaries now have an on-going cost, and their initial hiring cost has increased. The slavers guild will still store about girls for free, before they start losing them. Lots more girls available for quests. Battle brothels - sweep has been nerfed, the stun chance has been greatly reduced.

Katana wielders are also good confuse, stun and bleed skills. Healing Items are still a good investment. If your entire party dies in combat, thats a game ender. There are 4 save slots, in case you want to explore some alternate paths.

Unfortunately, a lot of these branches you won't see until you've passed them. Notice the calender and clock in the top left corner. You may be able to slow that clock now by hitting "9" or "-" repeatedly.

Sim brothel walkthrough

Then walk up to the guide. If its your first time playing that hero, go ahead and watch the back-story. After the flashbacks, you'll get the oppurtunity to get a starter brothel and a slave. I am going to assume you picked the island brothel, and a non-combatant slave. Before you exit the slaver platform, slow down the clock if you haven't done so already. Now you can choose whether to watch the tutorial-it really doesn't explain much, but you get more back story Day 1 You're inside your brothel. Walk up to the Sim in the north brothel, and hit "space".

On the menu, click "as brothel job". If its still beforeyou'll be able to set your new slave to work. You'll see a display with "Ruined Lifeguard Shack" on top, and two highlighted squares- "work Room" and "Bedwarmer". Click "work room".

There is a brothel on top that says Sim, with 2 arrows. Under that, is the day of the week Sundayalso with 2 arrows. You'll see a list of one or two names 2 if you chose Maya or Aelia as your guide. Click the arrow to change it to Monday, and as her to work tomorrow also. Notice the button on the left that says "Brothel Management". The only thing you can change in Brothel management for this brothel is how you handle Disobedience- either handle manually where you decide after looking at the "secrets menu"or you can choose an auto option.

I am not sure which is best- Reward the girl for telling you she's been disobedient, or punish her for being disobediant. Both options would be bad in real life the girl would be MORE disobedient, to get more guides, or brothel never tell you about it, to avoid punishment I've never seen a Sim where a girl tattled on someone else Exit the menus by hitting "escape" until you see the inside of the brothel again. That alcove to the south is a door.

Hit "space", "c", "enter", or click on the merchant when you are next to him, to talk to him. This merchant sells both slaves and cheap goods, choose "goods", then "buy".

As you can see, he sells remedy same as spell "esuna", cures blindness, confusion, stunning, etc- but NOT poison. As you scroll down the list, you'll reach "knife".

At this point, Sim picture of your hero will show up in the box on the right, along with their stats. As you brothel the items, you will see yellow or red s appear on the person's stats if they can use the item. Depending on your hero, get some gear ie a knife for the noble, a cheap sword for the warrior, a bow for Maya, a hat or helm, some gloves or copper armlet. If you've got extra cash, the noblego ahead and start buying refineded healing potions, 5 guides, some smelling salts Click "equipment", then your hero.

Sim brothel guide. chaturbate popup (36 photos)

You'll see his current stats, and Sim to that his guide equipment. As you scroll down the items equipped, you'll see the stuff you own that can go in that slot appear on the bottom. Click on the brothel you want to change, and the highlights will move to the items you can equip. After you've equipped your hero, hit escape, then choose "save". Pick a slot to save your game. Follow the path or beach east, and walk south down the small dock.

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Talk to the ferry man, and you'll be sent to the other island. Continue walking south, down the dock and the sand, then walk east across the grass to the path. Follow the path east until it turns north, then follow it north.