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When your two friends start dating

We all have more than one friend group. There are our college friends, our BFFs since we can remember, work-colleagues-turned-friends, and everything in between.

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Or I talk about weird things that came to my mind that no one is paying me to write about. I have a pair of friends that I used to hang out with almost exclusively as a trio - bars, brunches, vacations, the works.

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Till yesterday you were the happiest person to have both your best friends with you and suddenly you are not. Because both your best friends are now a couple?

Tip #2: embrace your new role

Yes, they are dating. How weird is that?

Not sure right? Well, the idea of it sounds amazingly interesting because no one understands you better than your best friend, but is it really that good for the third best friend? Most likely no. Do not let them know about the storm that hits your mind every time you look at them holding hands or exchanging kisses. You have your reasons to be uncomfortable even if you smelled something fishy between the two lovebirds.

If you have been planning to talk to them about your opinions, then better stop and read this one. Have your best friends finally started dating? Is it giving you butterflies in the stomach? We can imagine your situation and our sympathies are with you.

They might have fished around for a while, but the relationship is new to them too. And you are the best friend now, who else would they expect to be happy for them? Even it was a shocker to you, do not overreact. It will be natural for things to fall out of proportion, but try to hold your horses. Set Your Boundaries.

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Now that your best friends are a couple, they will try to steal as many moments they can of being together, just give it to them. Do not try to poke them now and then.

Be Supportive. What is the first thing that you do when your partner does something special or something stupid to you? Call your best friends, right? So now that your best friends are a couple whom would they call to talk? Their best friend, which is YOU! You will have to hear them banter, blabber and talk utter nonsense at times because they are in love. Be Happy For Them. Did we just ask for too much? Ummm, maybe we did, but do you have a better plan?

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Do you want them to break up? So deal with it. Life will be much easier if you give your friends a chance to convince you about their relationship. Things will smooth out eventually. Just because your other two best friends are dating does not make you the third wheel.

You three were and will always be best friends. If they were to go out, they will do so separately, calling you implies a friendly date.

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Try to be as normal as you were when they were not a couple. Things will get better. Do Not Take Sides. No couple does not fight, and your friends will be no exception. Stuck between both of your bestestest friends.

The best thing to do is stay quite. Do not take sides at all, let them clean their own mess. The moment you take sides you are surely losing out on your other friend. Originally published at askopinion.

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Tip #1: be happy for them! (shocker, right?)

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