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Winchester model 275 22 mag

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You have given me the serial not the Model of the rifle. My guess is that it is a Model It should be stamped on the left side of the barrel near the rear sight. Could you please post some good, clear, detail photos of the rifle. Each side of the receiver, the words stamped on the barrel and the stock.

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Top Ad Widget. Almost fifty years ago I purchased a Winchester Model22 Mag caliber, pump action rifle with a power Weaver scope. Posts Latest Activity Photos.

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LesPM. Less than fifty rounds have been fired. The original scope fogged up so I used a fixed 4 power Enertel scope which produced in. I replaced that scope with a new Simmons X32 Model 22MAG which produced the same poor grouping at 50 yds as the scope. I have used various types of gun cleaning solvents hoping to resolve this problem which still exists. Any advice you can offer regarding this problem is greatly appreciated.

Almost fifty years ago i purchased a winchester model , 22 mag caliber, pump action rifle with a power weaver scope. les

Tags: None. It kind of depends on whether the gun shot that poorly when you got it, or it's a problem that has recently appeared. I know it's not what you want to hear, but if it has always shot like this, you could have a gun with defective rifling.

In that case, you're out of luck.

Other than that, I can't think of anything. I don't really know anything about that gun, but I would think that any model from a reputable manufacturer like Winchester should shoot a lot better than that, and that scope should work okay too. Comment Post Cancel. Try shooting without the scope and most likely it will group fine. The tip-off scope mount that came with the rifle was not great. Have you tried different types of ammunition?

My Winchester '94 was made in so it has trouble shooting a lot of modern cartridges with the ammo I use now I shoot 1. You could also try some lighter bullets and see if that helps. Right Rail 1 Ad. Top Active Users. Right Rail 2 Ad.

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